Biota Allin

Increase your plant’s resilience the Biota-way! Biota Allin is a fully  plant-based organic liquid nitrogen fertilizer that increases the plant’s resistance against diseases and pests. Biota Allin is a liquid organic fertilizer derived from agricultural plant waste, garlic, parsley and soy. Using special processes, the organic nitrogen is extracted from plant waste. Because of the unique process, the nitrogen is 100% available in solution and directly available to the plant. Other plant extracts add the unique properties that stimulates the rhizosphere and improves the plant’s resistance to stress.

Working method

Biota Allin works systemically, meaning that the plant’s natural resilience is enhanced. A healthy and resilient plant is less susceptible to diseases and pests. Fewer pests means that natural predators and insecticides can also be applied more effectively, greatly reducing the amount needed. Reducing chemical usage is a great way to keep your crops in optimal condition and reduces your environmental impact.
After application, Biota Allin remains effective for about 7 to 10 days. The compounds are then transformed into elements that the plant uses for normal metabolism in the cells.


% w/w
Total Nitrogen (N)4%
Organic Nitrogen (N-org)4%




Amount (litre)
Bottle0.5, 1


Biota Allin can be kept for two months after opening, provided the can is securely closed and stored in a cool, dark and dry place.

  • Works systemically
  • Increases plant resilience.
  • Stimulates plant growth.
  • Stimulates the rhizosphere.
  • Quick uptake.
  • Can be used in any type of substrate.

Biota Allin can be administered with the regular fertilizers. It can be used curatively in all seasons to support your regular pest management. However, it is recommended to use Biota Allin preventively, to grow a strong plant before stress conditions arise.

Dose Dosage
1 – 2 liter/ha Weekly

The recommended way of administering is with a dosing pump. If this is not possible, administer Biota Allin along with the fertilizers once per week. Do not use Biota Allin simultaneously with hydrogen peroxide products. Always consult with an expert and start with a test application. No guarantees can be given in the event of incorrect use.


Due to differences in regional regulations, please contact us for the documents that are specific to your location.