Biota Hydro Start

Biota Nutri fertilizers are a great way for stress-free organic growing. Reduce the amount of stress your plants experience even more by adding Biota Hydro Start to their soil: a well-watered plant is a happy plant!

Biota Hydro Start is a biologically produced powder which increases the water retention capabilities of soil. It absorbs part of excess water and nutrients, to release them in dry conditions. This keeps the moisture content of the soil much more stable, leading to healthier root systems and stronger plants. It is ideal for use when planting trees, shrubs and flowerbeds and when preparing golf courses and other grass fields.

Working method

Biota Hydro Start works by mixing the powder with the soil. As it is a very fine granulate, it mixes thoroughly, absorbing moisture without forming lumps. Because the powder expands when absorbing water, and contracts when releasing it again, it creates an open soil structure. This prevents a compacted soil, keeping oxygen levels up.

Biota Hydro Start has a long optimal working time of 5 years, after which it gradually loses its effect. After 9 years, it’s completely disappeared, without harmful effects on soil or soil life.


% w/w
Total Nitrogen (N)4%
Organic Nitrogen (N-org)4%




Amount (kg)
Bucket4, 20


Biota Hydro Start packaging must be securely closed and stored in a cool, dark and dry place.

  • Improves water retention of the soil.
  • Stores water and nutrients for dry periods.
  • Decreases flushing of nutrients.
  • Helps plants survive droughts.
  • Improves soil structure.
  • Increases oxygen concentration around roots.

Using Biota Hydro Start is very easy. It can either be mixed through the soil before filling the plant hole when planting trees or shrubs. When planting large surfaces, such as grass fields, distribute Biota Hydro Start evenly over the ground before using a cultivator or digger. After its optimal working time of 5 years, use Biota Hydro to replenish.

Large surface application:

Digging depth Dose
10 cm 100 gram/m2
15 cm 130 gram/m2
20 cm 200 gram/m2
25 cm 400 gram/m2
Mixing application:

Volume Dose
1 m3 200 gram
5 m3 1 kg
20 m3 4 kg
100 m3 20 kg

Due to differences in regional regulations, please contact us for the documents that are specific to your location.