Biota Hydro

Biota Nutri fertilizers are a great way for stress-free organic growing. Reduce the amount of stress your plants experience even more by using Biota Hydro: a well-watered plant is a happy plant!

Biota Hydro improves the water retention capabilities of soil. It binds water to the soil and to the roots of the plant, which gives the plant permanent access to water, even in dry periods This keeps the moisture content of the soil much more stable, leading to improved root systems and soil life and stronger plants. Biota Hydro can be used on sports fields such as golf courses and football fields, but also on crops such as potato, bananas and sugar cane. In pot plants it increases the shelf-life in the retail phase.

Working method

Biota Hydro has multiple functions that keep the plant from drying out. It forms a thin persistent hygroscopic layer on root surfaces, which attract moisture. It also captures and retains water vapour in the soil, forming reservoirs. This reduces drought stress, which lead to a lower susceptibility to diseases and pests.
Biota Hydro stays active through multiple waterings. The film grows alongside the plant roots.


% w/w
Total Nitrogen (N)4%
Organic Nitrogen (N-org)4%


ColourLight brown
pH5.5 – 6.5
Density (kg/l)1.3


Amount (liter)
Can10, 20


Biota Hydro packaging must be securely closed and stored in a cool, dark place.

  • Improves water retention of the soil.
  • Helps plants survive droughts.
  • Improves root system.
  • Suitable for fields, crops and pot plants.
  • Improves shelf life of pot plants.

Biota Hydro can be administered through irrigations systems, ebb and flow systems and full field irrigation on sports fields. Biota Hydro is highly concentrated and must be diluted at least 15x. In areas with difficult soil types (hydrophobic, clay or soils with very high or low pH) the dosage can be multiplied up to 5 times the regular dose.




Surface irrigation

30 liter/ha Initial treatment immediately after sowing
10 liter/ha

Monthly follow-up treatment (repeat 5 – 6 times)


Due to differences in regional regulations, please contact us for the documents that are specific to your location.