Biota Iron Powder

Biota Iron Powder is an Iron micronutrient supplement. It is organically stabilized and is a great Iron source for any crop. The product is easily soluble, very stable in solution, easily absorbable by the plant and suitable for all modern irrigation systems.


% w/w
Iron (Fe)13%


pHStable until > 10 pH


Content (kg)
Ziplock bag5,0
Pallet Various options


Biota Iron Powder has to be stored in original packaging with the lid tightly closed. Store dry and dark in an area with temperatures from 10 to 30°C.

The shelf life is 1,5 – 2 years.

  • UV-treatment friendly
  • No clay sedimentation in the irrigation water
  • Stable in a wide pH range until a pH of 10
  • Free of sodium and clay and not affecting greenhouse equipment
  • Compatible with moders irrigation systems
  • Prevents Iron chlorosis
  • Easy nutrient uptake

It is advised to always have an expert make a fertilisation plan and to start with a test application. The exact dosage depends on the soil conditions and the crop. No guarantees can be given in the event of incorrect use.

General application rate: 1 – 2 kg/ha.

Between 5 and 15 gram per 1000 litre water for vegetables (10 / 30 μmol)


Due to differences in regional regulations, please contact us for the documents that are specific to your location.